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American Dreamscreen Festival

Exactly What You Need For Your Filmmaking Career

At the American Dreamscreen Festival, we firmly believe in the power of independent storytelling and the limitless possibilities it holds. By submitting your film and/or screenplay, you become a part of a community that embraces originality, innovation, and creative expression. Our festival aims to foster an environment where emerging talents can flourish and established filmmakers can experiment with bold ideas, encouraging diversity and pushing the boundaries of conventional filmmaking.

The founder and director, Ronald Willis firmly believes that the American dream is not limited to a singular narrative but is a mosaic of individual dreams, struggles, and triumphs. With this belief at its core, the festival serves as a platform for emerging and established filmmakers to share their unique perspectives and narratives that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the American DreamScreen Festival is Ronald's genuine support for independent filmmakers. He understands the challenges they face in securing funding and distribution for their projects. As a result, he has cultivated a robust network of industry professionals, investors, and mentors who are eager to nurture and collaborate with emerging talents. Through grants, workshops, and networking events, the festival is looking forward to become an invaluable launchpad, propelling the careers of promising filmmakers and amplifying their voices on a global scale.


Festival Director

Ronald Willis' enthusiasm for discovering hidden gems of indie cinema is infectious. He spends countless hours meticulously curating a lineup of films that not only entertain but also challenge and inspire the world. He believes in the power of storytelling to create meaningful connections and believes that every film, regardless of its budget or fame, has the potential to touch hearts and provoke thought. Ronald has an advanced degree in filmmaking and he has traveled all over US and in parts of India, Srilanka, Indonesia in search of experiences and stories. He is quick to make friends with animals.

Rules & Guidelines

Please read carefully!


  • American Dreamscreen is open to filmmakers from around the world.

  • Films of all genres, including narrative, documentary, animation, and experimental, are welcome.

  • Films that have been previously screened publicly or are available online are eligible for submission.

  • Unproduced scripts are welcome.

  • Screenplays of all genres are welcome.


Submission Process:

  • All submissions must be made through our official online submission platform.

  • Filmmakers are required to provide a secure online screener of their film for the selection process. We accept links to streaming platforms (e.g., Vimeo, YouTube) or password-protected video files (e.g., Dropbox, Google Drive). if you are submitting directly to us.

  • Non-English films must have English subtitles.

  • Screenplays should be submitted in .PDF format via online submission platforms.

  • Please provide a detailed specification and a logline or an overview when you are submitting a film and/or screenplay.



  • The festival has specific submission deadlines that are announced on our official website and submission platforms. Early submissions are encouraged to take advantage of discounted entry fees.

  • Late submissions may be considered on a case-by-case basis, subject to availability.


Entry Fees:


  • American Dreamscreen Festival charges an entry fee for film submissions.

  • Entry fees vary depending on the submission deadline. Early submissions generally enjoy lower fees.

  • The entry fees are used to support the festival operations, including programming, screenings, promotions, and events.


Selection and Notification:


  • Films will be reviewed and selected by our programming team.

  • Filmmakers will be notified of the selection results via email by the specified notification date.

  • Only selected films will be included in the official festival program.

  • If a film is selected, the filmmaker must provide a high-resolution screening copy in the requested format and specifications (e.g., DCP, ProRes, Blu-ray) within the given deadline.

  • Filmmakers are responsible for the shipping costs and ensuring the screening copy during transit.

  • If necessary, subtitles must be provided in English for non-English language films.

  • Rights and Permissions:
    By submitting a film, the filmmaker confirms that they hold the necessary rights to screen the film and have obtained all required permissions for the content, including but not limited to music, images, and intellectual property.

  •  reserves the right to use excerpts or images from the submitted films for promotional purposes.American Dreamscreen Festival

  • Awards and Certificates:

  • Films selected for awards will be determined by a designated jury or panel of judges.

  • The decisions of the jury are final and binding.

  • Awards and certificates will be presented during the festival's closing ceremony.

  • Publicity and Promotion:

  • Filmmakers agree to allow the American Dreamscreen Festival to use their film's title, trailer, stills, and filmmaker information for promotional purposes, including but not limited to the festival's website, social media, press releases, and printed materials.

  • These guidelines and rules and regulations are subject to change, and filmmakers are advised to review the most recent version available on this website and submission platforms before submitting their films. The American Dreamscreen Festival aims to provide a fair and inclusive platform for independent filmmakers to showcase their work and reserves the right to interpret and enforce the rules and regulations as necessary to ensure the integrity and success of the festival.


Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm
Sat: Closed
Sun: Closed

Get in Touch

Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Thanks for submitting!

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