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Michael John Chase Dives into the Heart of the Hunt: Unveiling the Origins Behind Predator Origins

In the realm of extraterrestrial suspense, we delve into the heart of the hunt with Michael John Chase, the mastermind behind the screenplay 'Predator Origins: She-Predator.' As we kick off this exclusive interview, Chase takes us on a riveting journey into the origins of the iconic Predator saga, offering insights into the creation of the captivating narrative.

American Dream Screen : Every screenplay has a unique journey from concept to completion. Can you take us through the moment or experience that ignited the spark for this story, and how it evolved into the screenplay we see today?

Michael John Chase : Well first I was a Big fan of the first Movie Predator in 1987, which led to the Dark Horse Comics which expanded the Predator Franchises Universe. As a Fan, after Predator II in 1997. Each movie over the years has only gotten worse & worse. From Aliens vs Predator & AvP: Requiem , Predators, The Predator & now Prey. Each one lacked a Plot, Storyline, Characters & reason, to which the Yautja’s Hunt on Planet Earth & other Planets. So, I went back to the basics & did the research on the first person in the Predator Franchise & that was Machiko Noguchi & used all the concepts from the Comics & what the Fanbase wrote about what they would like to see & combined those ideals, to show something that no one has ever seen in the Predator Franchise.

American Dream Screen : Screenwriting allows for creative exploration. Can you share an instance where the narrative took an unexpected turn during the writing process, and how did this spontaneous development contribute to the depth of your screenplay?

Michael John Chase : The Hardest Part was the Protagonist Machiko Noguchi’s acceptance into the Predators way of life, where after lots & lots of research she becomes disheartened with the Predator Lifestyles & goes back to living amongst the Humans again. But, as it would take a toll on a person’s life that lifestyle you once loved or have only ever known, one way or another you end up going back to that lifestyle whether by choice or not. Then after the Protagonist was given a choice to stay with the Humans or lead the Clan that lost its leader, she chose the latter. Which concludes to her Character being enveloped into the other Screenplays of the revamped Franchise I have also written.

American Dream Screen : Collaboration is integral in bringing a screenplay to life on screen. Could you share a memorable experience of working with a director, producer, or actor, and how their input influenced and enriched the script?

Michael John Chase : Up to yet, everything I have done as a New Independent Screenwriter I have done alone. I have had advice from a Producer in New York who works for Scriptmatrix. But, that was for another Screenplay of mine. One of my Originals I have written.

American Dream Screen : Dialogue is a powerful tool in screenwriting. How did you craft the distinctive voices of your characters, and can you share a line or moment from your screenplay that you are particularly proud of?

Michael John Chase : As the Protagonist, Machiko was the strong silent type amongst an Alien Race where communication was a difficult issue for her. Until she was trusted enough to learn their dialect but still remained the quiet strong type. There were two lines I was very proud of. The Prologue Line was after Machiko beheaded the Large Yautja & quoted “You stolen my Father’s Spirit. So, I have taken yours” & at the end of her acceptance as a Clan Leader. The second Line was in the Epilogue; “On earth, I was a Samurai Princess. Now, I am Da’dtou-di, Clan Leader of the Dachande Clan”. “For I am the She-Predator!”

American Dream Screen : The life of a screenwriter can be filled with highs and lows. Can you describe a moment of doubt or a challenging period during the writing process, and what strategies did you use to overcome these obstacles and keep your creative spirit alive?

Michael John Chase : There were a number of Low times that were challenging for me personally here in the UK. Cost of Living which is still ongoing is stressful not knowing if your Finances are going to be good or bad over the month. Negative reviews from various Festival’s & Competitions was another. But, I used that feedback to help change the aspect for a positive outcome not a negative. My determination is something you can’t teach, it has to be within you, I don’t believe in self-defeat, sulking or whining about your best & I don’t let the Naysayers put me down either. This is an industry I want to break higher into & when you start at the bottom. If you stay focused & put in the work, don’t slack & don’t use excuses. You can only go up.

American Dream Screen : As you look back on your journey as an independent screenplay writer and the creation of this unique script, what do you feel is the most significant lesson or insight you've gained about the art of storytelling and filmmaking that you would like to share with aspiring writers and filmmakers?

Michael John Chase : Have Self-Confidence in yourself, in your writing. Don’t always take the first bit of bad news to heart. Get in touch with the Negative Reviewer & ask questions where improvements are needed if any. Use Festivals & Competitions that offer a Packaged deal for Feedback, Statistics & Analysis. Which will give you a scoring system for your Screenplay & a Ten Minute one on one with a person who works for a creative team & they will explain the Points system to you. Also, what Producers look for in a Screenplay. Also, Check & recheck your work and get someone to read it for you too. To make things easier use Screenwriting Software such as Trebly or Final draft.

As our conversation with Michael John Chase draws to a close, the anticipation for 'Predator Origins: She-Predator' intensifies. Chase's revelations have given us a glimpse into the thrilling universe he has crafted, promising an exhilarating addition to the Predator saga.

Here's to the enigmatic world of She-Predator, and to Michael John Chase, the storyteller who invites us into the heart of the hunt.

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