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Total number of submissions - 331

*Please note only winners, Special Mentions and Finalists are listed here.

Twilight Zone: The Worst Accident in Film History - Best Documentary

The Place of the Return - Best Experimental Film

I LOST THE WAY- Best Animation

Dissociating Vulnerability - Best Emerging Filmmaker, Best Emerging Writer, & Best Thriller Film

SACRED SUN - Best Horror Screenplay

WORDSPEAKER - Best Science Fiction Film

Pharaoh - Best Drama Feature Screenplay

Anima Sola - Best Thriller Feature Film and Best Director 

Apples, Oranges, Lemons & Limes - Best Romantic Film

Natzee Zombie Carnage - Best Horror Film

Tom and Luce - Best Feature Film

Templin Highway - Best Sci-Fi Feature Screenplay

Bamboo Wife | Pilot: 'The Riddle' - Best Writer

BEYOND THE MOON - Best Feature Screenplay

The Common Good - Best Short Film

Danger - Best Music Video 

Oroboro Island - Best Science Fiction Screenplay
Pat Walsh - The Life And Legacy Of An Irish Revolutionary - Best Cinematography

Say My Name - Best Social Impact Film

CRASH BACKWARDS - Best Thriller Feature Screenplay

Review - Festival's Honorable Mention

The TimeTraveler's Story of Mankind - Festival's Honorable Mention

Agrinoui - Festival's Honorable Mention

VENGEANCE IS A LADY - Festival's Honorable Mention

HEARTSTONE - Finalist 

Alta California - Finalist

Hidden in Plain Site " Also known as A Reynah in Exile" - Finalist

Savannah's Place - Finalist 

A Long Way Home - Finalist 

Three Rivers Meet - Finalist

What the Prophets Last Say to Earth - Finalist

Unwelcome Advances - Finalist 

Predator Origins: She-Predator - Finalist


The beauty in forgotten love - Finalist

BREAKUP - Finalist

Moment of Anger - Finalist 

Happily Never After - Finalist

Train Passes Carbondale - Finalist

Richard Spong - Finalist

The Super Secret Diary of Q. E. - Finalist

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